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What is Chase the Ace?

Back a player to win any game in the Australian Open Singles draw with William Hill and receive a bonus bet for every ace they serve.

When you place a head-to-head bet of $25 or more on any player in the Australian Open singles draw you will get the chance to ‘play’ Chase the Ace. A wheel will spin which determines how many rewards point you get per Ace served.

Important: Ensure your William Hill app is updated!

Chase the Ace Chances – What’s 40 Rewards points worth?

The points you will receive per ace varies according the chances below. The most common reward will be 20 rewards point per aces, which equates to $0.50 in bonus bets per ace. While there’s are slim chances of landing the $5 or $10 in bonus bets per ace, on average customers will receive around $0.72 in bonus bets per ace.


Bonus Bets/Ace





















Chace the Ace 2018 terms and Conditions

The main difference this year is that customers are capped at ten Chase the Ace bets per day.

The loophole here is that this is tracked on which day you place the bets. In theory you could back ten players on Saturday, ten on Sunday and ten on Monday, all of whom are playing Monday day 1.

Note that Chase the Ace bonus bets are paid whether player wins or losers.


Is Chase the Ace Actually Good Value?

As long as you’re backing players that you think are a good chance of hitting of at least 6 aces, then yes it certainly is. If your player hits 6 aces, on average you will win around $4.50 in bonus bets which more than covers the slim profit the bookmaker earns on head-to-head tennis bets.

Do this on all the big servers and you will have yourself a nice little bonus bet kitty. With the big servers you can expect to see well over 12-15 aces per match.


Findabet’s Chase the Ace Tracker

We’ll be keeping track of every winners Aces, and letting you know the best servers to back.


Chase the Ace Betting Tips

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