Best Bookmakers for Betting Promotions

Tennis Betting Promotions and Specials


Sportsbet Betting Promotions

Sportsbet have about the strongest marketing in the corporate bookmaking space in Australia. Accordingly, Sportsbet have established themselves as an Industry Leader in the promotion space by offering consistent valuable bonus bets.


Racing Betting Promotions:

You can expect Sportsbet to be offering money back 2nd/3rd (as a bonus bet) promotions just about every Saturday of the year. These are most commonly for the first four races of the major metro meet of the day, though more recently Sportsbet have run this offer over three different meetings every Saturday. Look out for big carnival race days, where these promotions often increase to being money back if your horse runs 2nd,3rd or 4th. Also keep an eye for the occasions where the promotion will refund bets as cash refunds rather than bonus bets.

Sports Betting Promotions

Sportsbet sports promotions are just as consistent as their racing; just about any day of the week you will find Sportsbet offering a special on NRL and AFL games throughout the winter, and on cricket, NBA and soccer throughout the Australian summer.

Early on in the season and around finals time the NRL/AFL promotions increase, often leading to great value for the customer. Sportsbet are currently giving instant pay-outs for AFL bets if your team leads by 24 points at any time, and in NRL if your team leads by 12 points at any time.

Multi Bet Promotions

Most weeks of the season, multi refunds are offered for 4+ or 5+ multis that only lose by 1 leg. This offer is normally on head-to-head legs only, or win-draw-win legs for soccer.


William Hill Betting Promotions

Until recently William Hill would only offer promotions on occasions, though when they did offer a promotion, it was often extremely valuable. Most notable was William Hills Chase the Ace promotions where by customers could easily attain up to around $2000 in refunds in just two weeks of Australian Open tennis betting.

The William Hill model has changed recently, to where they now drip feeding daily promotions which the Customer must opt in to. It remains to be seen whether William Hill will continue to offer such highly valuable promotions such as Chase the Aces on top of their consistent smaller offering.


William Hill Racing Betting Promotions

Every Saturday you can expect William Hill to be offering a money back 2nd/3rd or money back 2nd promotion on at least 1 track over a couple of races. Note, that you do need to opt-in under promotions. William Hill also runs consistent game style promotions on greyhounds such as Chase the Bunny or Roll the Dice, where you can win different amounts of bonus bets depending on the box numbers of the winning dogs.

William Hill Sports Betting Promotions

Look out each day for the frequently changing William Hill sports promotions. Following the success of the Chase the Ace campaign over the Australian open, William Hill ran chase the points promotions for both NRL and AFL.

William Hill Multi Bet Promotions

Most weeks, on Thursday or Friday a 4-leg multi promotion will be run where by refunds in rewards points are often if you lose by only 1-leg. What makes these very appealing at William Hill is that recently this promotion hasn’t been restricted to head-to-head bets only; this means that the punter has a lot more markets to choose from, and can potentially add very low odds/ high likely legs to the multi.


Bet365 Betting Promotions

Bet365 occasionally run promotions, but have regular, permanently running offers that offer great value for Fixed Odds Racing punters and sports multi bet increased winnings offer.


Bet365 Racing Betting Promotions

While Bet365 don’t often follow the competitors with money back 2nd/3rd promotions, but they do however, permanently offer a racing price guarantee that is easily top of the market. If you place a fixed odds racing bet at any time with Bet365, you are guaranteed the higher of the fixed price you took or the official starting price (SP). What this means is that if you ever back a horse several hours out from the race, you won’t have regrets as the price drifts, as you will still be certain that you will at least get the SP.

Bet365 Sports Betting Promotions

Bet365 is not known for competing on sports singles promotions, but instead offers a permanent generous Multi offer.

Bet365 Multi Promotions

Bet 365 offer what easily the most consistent and original multi offer in the market, and is also the most valuable if used in the right way.

Bet 365’s multi offer is grouped by sports, but gives the punter increased bonus winnings for every extra leg they take. Example: for NRL and AFL multis, customers can expect a 5% winnings bonus for 3-leg multis, 15% for 5-leg multis and 40% extra for 12+ leg multis. A range of markets can be included for the multi to still be eligible, including Lines, totals, half-time leaders and any-time try/goal scorers. And there’s no limits on the size of the multi or bonus winnings. As you can see, this multi offer makes Bet365 easily the best corporate bookmaker for making multi bets with.

And keep an eye out for our coming blog series on how to make the most of this multi promotion.


Ladbrokes Betting Promotions

Ladbrokes is well known for their Weekly ‘Bet Blast’ prices as well as regular enhanced odds promotions and being the industry leaders of Odds Boost.

Racing Betting Promotions

Ladbrokes regularly run best of SP or tote +20% on selected races from Thursday to Sunday. This has occasionally been run over entire major Saturday race meetings and is also offered on select greyhound races. Getting 20% on top of tote or SP is easily a profitable proposition for punters and should always be taken when having a punt.

Ladbrokes was the first to market in Australia with Odds Boost, where by customers can increase the odds of any bet, once a day. With an Odds Boost, punters saw $1.40 odds increased to $1.70 and $5 increased to around $7. The exact boost amount has been tweaked since introduction so likely isn’t as valuable but still a great offering.

Ladbrokes Sports Betting Promotions

Ladbrokes is known for their Bet Blast markets where by short priced favourites are often pushed out from below $1.50 to $2 or more for a capped bet size. These Markets are very valuable for the punter and can easily be hedged at another bookmaker for a guaranteed profit. Findabet doesn’t recommend continued abuse of this offer without also making other bets at Ladbrokes, as the offer will soon be taken away from your account.

AFL ‘Footy Freaks’ and NRL ‘Footy Freaks’ markets are offered on every game where by enhanced odds are given on nominated players to score and their teams to win.

Odds Boost has also been extended to both sports and multis and Extra Odds Boost are regularly given on first goal scorer (AFL and soccer) and first try scorer (NRL) markets.

Ladbrokes Multi Promotions

Ladbrokes has extended Odds Boost to multi bets and worth using if placing a multi bet with Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes also offers weekly specified multis at enhanced odds. These can be seen under the ‘Specials’ tab at Findabet.


Crownbet Betting Promotions

Crownbet have very much followed the Sportsbet model of regular offers to the point where the two have been in direct competition each week regarding their given betting promotions. Crownbet usually wait until Sportsbet have announced their weekly promotions before publishing their own. This affords Crownbet the opportunity then copy the Sportsbet offer directly or go one better, by adding an extra race or higher refund amount.


Racing Betting Promotions

Every Saturday, similar to Sportsbet, Crownbet have racing money back 2nd/3rd promotions (as a bonus bet) on select major metro meetings. For big races, these often go up to money back 2nd-4th and occasionally as cash refunds rather than bonus bets refund. At quiet times of the year  Crownbet run money back for 2nd place promotions. They also run these promotions regularly on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday races.

Crownbet Sports Betting Promotions

Crownbet have taken the best of Sportsbet’s and William Hill’s promotions and made them their own. Crownbet currently consistently run Pile on the Points AFL promotions and Pile on the try NRL promotions; where the customer gets a bonus for every point/try their teams scores or wins by.

Crownbet Multi Promotions

Consistent NRL/AFL offers of refund on 4+ or 5+ multis if only 1 leg loses. These Multi offers are always on head-to-head legs only. Similar multi promotions on NBA and World Soccer. Occasional offers on MLB, NFL, NBL and more.