Centrebet - Everything you need to know about the re-launch of Centrebet.

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Centrebet is back!

And they are guaranteeing higher odds at larger limits than any other Aussie bookmaker. So what does this mean? While the majority of Aussie bookmakers rely on bonus bet refunds, sign up bonuses, and products like ‘Cash Out’ and ‘Odds Boost’, Centrebet is attempting to compete on top odds and high limits alone.

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Who’s running the new Centrebet?

Centrebet is still owned and operated by William Hill Australia. William Hill have elected to revive the Centrebet brand and are positioning it as their no-frills offering. Think Jetstar and Qantas.


Can I login to my old Centrebet account?

No. William Hill (owners of Centrebet) have already undertaken the process of switching old Centrebet accounts over to the WilliamHill platform. Following that process, a change of strategy was made and the plan to re-launch Centrebet started. All punters now need to open a brand new Centrebet account despite whatever account(s) they held over previous years.


Can I get a Centrebet Sign up bonus?

Sorry mate. Centrebet have made it very clear that this is a “no frills” offering. The Centrebet service is targeted at punters who just want the best prices at the highest limits. You won’t find any fancy Odds Boost products, rewards schemes etc. just serious odds for serious punters.


But I won’t sign up anywhere without a Bonus bet!

Well then I guess Centrebet isn’t for you. Higher odds mean lower margins (profitability) for the bookmaker and a lower marketing budget to spend on bonuses, promotions etc. There are plenty of other bookies offering bonus bets.


My old Centrebet account had been restricted, will this apply to my new Centrebet account?

It is our understanding that everyone is welcome to opening a new Centrebet account. We understand that Centrebet are reserving the right to ‘restrict’ punters in all the non-guaranteed markets. So, they should still let you on for the maximum limits on the ‘Power Bet’ markets and fixed-odds Horse Racing.


How do I find the enhanced Centrebet odds?

For sports odds, all premium price/ high limit markets can be found under the ‘Power Bet’ menu.

Markets will be available on the day of the game, several hours before kick-off.

For horse racing, market leading odds should be up as of approximately 10am each morning.


Which Sports/markets are Centrebet offering best odds on and the highest limits?

Whichever sports are listed under ‘Power Bet’ are included in the offering. 


Are the Centrebet prices the same as William Hill Odds?

Markets outside of sports ‘Power Bet’ and fixed-odds racing markets, will likely reflect those on William Hill. The enhanced offering applies to ‘Power Bet’ markets and fixed odds racing.


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The History of Centrebet – Australia’s First Corporate bookmaker

Centerbet is a proud and famous name of the Australian corporate bookmaking industry.  Originating in Alice Springs, Centrebet were the first licensed corporate bookmaker in Australia. Originally operating as a phone betting operation, they were the second bookmaker to go online in the world.

Centrebet held a presence in the international online casino and poker industry, however was not permitted to offer these products in Australia due to the Interactive Gambling Act. Centrebet was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2006 and bought out by rival Sportingbet in 2011 for $183m. in 2013 William Hill UK spent approximately $700m acquiring the joint Centrebet-Sportingbet operation as well as TomWaterhouse.com.au.

William Hill spent three years migrating accounts under these three brands onto the William Hill platform before electing to revise the Centrebet brand. We are happy to see a great Australian brand back in the industry.