NSW Bonus Bet Restrictions

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The NSW Government has introduced restrictions on the offering of bonus bets to NSW residents. Below we discuss these restrictions and explain how NSW punters can still claim bonus bets.


Are Bonus Bets Banned in NSW?

Bookmakers are still able to reward their customers with bonus bets and are in fact giving out thousands of dollars in bonus bets to NSW punters every week. What has been restricted however, is the advertising of bonus bets and the offering of bonus bets to people who are not yet their customer.


Bonus Bet Regulations NSW

Under NSW law it is illegal for any bookmakers to publish any advertising material that offers NSW residents an inducement to participate in gambling activity or open a betting account. In other words, they can offer promotions/specials to their clients but cannot publicly advertise or promote their offer.

Therefore, NSW Residents need to log-in to their bookmaker accounts to see what promotions are available to them.


Sign-up Bonus Bets NSW

Given that bookmakers can no longer offer incentives to people who aren’t their customers, sign-up bonus bets are no longer available for NSW punters. As stated earlier, NSW punters can still be offered deposit bonus bets and money back promotions once they are a customer.


How to Get Bonus Bets in NSW – The Loophole

While bookmakers cannot publicly advertise betting promotions and specials that NSW residents are eligible for; they can publicly advertise promotions that other states are eligible for! By still looking out for what promos are being advertised to the other states, NSW punters can have a good idea of what kind of betting promotions they will have available upon logging into their bookies account!

Most promotions/specials available to non-NSW residents are simply slight twists of those available to everyone else!

For Example, bookmakers will run the following two promotions:

  1. Excludes NSW Residents
  • Money back 2nd/3rd place for races 1-4 at Randwick this Saturday, up to $50!
  1. NSW Residents Only
  • Money back 2nd/3rd place for races 1-4 at Randwick this Saturday, up to $55!

Note that by making slight changes to these offers, bookmakers can in fact advertise offer 1 on TV in NSW, while making offer 2 available to their NSW customers upon log-in.


The Great News for NSW Punters

The great news for NSW Punters is that while we are legally obliged to state ‘excludes NSW’ on all publicly advertised promotions, our betting promotion comparisons are still a good indication of what actual promos you will have available upon logging into your account!

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Betting Resources

To better understand what betting promotions are and aren’t allowed in NSW see the NSW Government’s Fact Sheet.

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