Sign-up Bonus Bet Regulations and Restrictions

The state laws on what sign-up bonus bets bookies can offer you varies from state to state around Australia. Below we discuss what rules apply to which state and how you can get sign-up bonus bets in your state.


Which Australian States Are Eligible to Receive Bookie Sign-up Bonus Bets?

If you are in QLD, ACT, NT or TAS, you are in luck. You are free to take up any bookie sign-up offers you stumble across. As always be careful to read the terms and conditions as to exactly understand the promotions requirements.

You can check out our bookie sign-up bonus bet offers here. FindaBet will always do our best to ensure we publish all relevant terms and condition on our website (something you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere).


Which Australian States Are Restricted from Receiving Sign-up Bonus Bets?

Residents of NSW, VIC and WA are restricted from receiving sign-up bonus bets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t receive any bonus bets at all. While each of these respective state governments have outlawed the ability of bookmakers offering a bonus bet just to get you to sign-up, it is not against the rules for a bookie to offer you bonus bets after you have signed up. This means that residents of NSW, VIC and WA are eligible to be offered ‘deposit bonus bets’, once they are already a member.

Punters in NSW, VIC and WA may also receive bonus bets from time to time for betting on certain markets where any promotions are running. An example of this would be when a bookie runs a promo to refund bets on horses that run 2nd or 3rd in a particular race. You can check out all the top weekly sports and racing promos here.


So, I Can Receive Deposit Bonus Bets in NSW, VIC, and WA?

As mentioned above, bookmakers can still offer you deposit bonus bets, yes. But only once you are a customer. We recommend that if you are creating a new account and from NSW, VIC or WA, sign up and wait before depositing. Either give their customer service a call and ask if you are eligible for any deposit bonus bets or wait a few days and see if you receive any bonus offers via email.


How Can I Get Sign-up Bonus Bets in NSW, VIC and WA

Findabet Tip 1: if you are from NSW, VIC or WA and want a bonus bet upon opening a new account with a new bookmaker you can:

  1. Sign up for the new account and don’t deposit for a week or two. You may be emailed a deposit bonus after a week or two.
  2. Create the new account and immediately call customer service of the new bookmaker asking if they have any ‘deposit’ offers available.

Findabet Tip 2: If you are not eligible for a ‘sign-up’ bonus or ‘deposit’ bonus, check out our range of great weekly promotions section.


Why Are Sign-up Bonus Bets Banned in NSW, VIC, WA and SA?

Certain state governments decided to ban the offering of sign-up bonuses in the name of responsible betting, following a period of prolific gambling advertising.


Bonus Bets for South Australia Residents

We are sorry to say that your state laws make just about every offer/promo/bonus incentive outlawed. You can still see our bookmaker comparison where we discuss which bookmakers offer the best odds and range of markets.


Bonus Bet and Advertising Regulations.

For rules and regulations around sports betting and the advertising of sports betting in Australia see the following links.

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